Casino Sportsbook


Our Sportsbook division is fully a licensed sportsbook. Our license agreement does not allow credit to be extended under any circumstances.

Our minimum wager is $50 up to a maximum of $10,000 (unless you’ve made other arrangements with us). We reserve the right to limit any wager before we accept it.

Unless specified otherwise, all sporting events must take place on date and site scheduled. If any event is postponed and/or rescheduled, that event will automatically result in “No action”.

When a wager is placed on a “Total”, overtime periods are counted in the final score.

On Second-Half wagers, overtime periods are counted in the final score.

You must be over 21 (or the legal age of your country) to place wager and/or collect payouts. If we learn that an account is opened or being used by a minor, that account will be closed immediately.

We have the right to add, delete or change house wagering rules or payoff odds.

Horse payoffs are at track odds up to:
20-1 for win;
8-1 for place; and
4-1 for show.

The Maximum Payoff

The maximum payoff on any singe horse wager is $10,000. Daily double payoffs are limited to $2,000. Parleys, Exactas, and Quinellas are limited to $2,500 payoffs. Horse wagers must be placed 5 minutes before the scheduled post time. Horse wagers are time-stamped at the beginning of the call.

Boxing: A fight becomes official when the bell sounds to start the first round. A wager placed on a round is considered a full round only when the bell sounds to end that round. If a fight is stopped in mid-round, the exact time of that round will be used for round proposition wagering.

All wagering calls are recorded on tape. In the event of a dispute at uk no deposit casinos, we will refer to the tape for final analysis. Our Sportsbook division has the final say in any disputes relating to any wager.

Our Sportsbook division is fully computerized. All wagers, money line prices, and pointspread movement is controlled by the system. Therefore when a pointspread is given, this spread is subject to movement at any time. Unless the wager is placed at the time of the lines being read then these lines will not be locked in.

Official times – winning tickets will be paid for an event if it has gone the required number of minutes listed below:
College and Pro Football 55 minutes of play
Pro Basketball 43 minutes of play
College Basketball 35 minutes of play
Hockey 55 minutes of play
Baseball Straights (Home team winning) 4.5 innings
Baseball Straights (Visitor winning) 5 innings
Baseball Totals (Home winning team) 8.5 innings
Baseball Totals (Visitor winning) 9 innings

Baseball wagering is accepted as follows:

Action goes: Team versus Team. These tickets are subject to adjusted prices.

Teams Vs Pitcher: A team against a specified pitcher. If the Team’s pitcher changes, then the ticket is subject to a price change. If the specified pitcher does not throw the first pitch the ticket goes dead (no action).

Pitcher Vs Team: A specified pitcher established must throw one pitch against the other team. If a specified pitcher doesn’t throw the first pitch then the play goes dead (no action). If the other team’s pitcher changes, the ticket is subject to an adjusted price.

Listed pitchers: Both starting pitchers must throw the initial pitch or else the ticket goes dead.

In the event of a pitching change before the start of the game, all “AG” (Action goes) tickets are subject to an adjusted price. The price of the “Live” tickets will be computed at the opening price of the newly established pitcher/pitchers.

Note: A client can, at their request have all their baseball action deemed LP (Listed pitcher).

All plays are finalized after confirmation of final score. Accounts will be credited on winning plays upon said confirmation.